Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I’ve had enough.

I have a friend named Kaitlan: she’s beautiful and kind and is a great cosplayer, and she’s been getting these slipped under her apartment door for months.

I asked her if I could make this post because I’ve been seeing this happening and I just want something to be done. Whether it’s people supporting her or someone telling her how to get this to stop. How to get these people to get the punishment they deserve.

She has literally done anything that she knows to do. She even went to the police:

They told her to come back if it got more serious. What does that even MEAN? Apparently, someone has to actually kill themselves for this to be serious to the police. 

Apparently, this behavior is acceptable at Indiana University of PA. Apparently, this behavior is acceptable to the Indiana County Police. Apparently, bullying like this is completely acceptable until someone ends up dead.

I’m just absolutely infuriated right now. This should not go unpunished. Absolutely fucking not.

Apparently, bullying and stalking someone is still perfectly acceptable, apparently until that person ends up dead… only then will everyone get up in arms over it.  >:(

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She’s a genius.  He’s a wanker.